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Bug when "arduino-0022" folder is not installed in c:\


My Arduino folder was installed in a sub-folder in my e: partition which i use to store my stuff. The attached "path not found" bug popped up.
As advised in the readme, I had scrupulously changed every path in the program's config file to point to the right folder but still kept getting this error. Finally, I just cut paste my arduino-0022 folder to c:\ and changed back all paths to c:\ in the config file & everything worked :-). Worth it to be able to work in Visual C++ Express but not ideal since i had a reason to put my Arduino folder in e:\ :-)
Glanced through the sources and found that the c:\ path has been coded in several config files & is accessed in several program files... perhaps one of them's not updating?

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digicious wrote Nov 14, 2011 at 5:10 PM

Hi !

I'll have a look ;-) Thanks for you comment.

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