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Features :

This projet will make coding for arduino easier and faster for people used to Visual Studio IDE with TRUE autocomplete feature.
This tool will convert PDE file into a VC++ project that you can compile with Arduino compiler later. If new libraries are added. A tool is provided to automatically update the Libraries Path inside the VC++ project file. a

IntelliSense truly works for  :

  • library inclusion :
  • Functions :
  • Constants:

Feel free to use it and speed up your development!


Prequisites :

Installation :

  1. Download the setup from this webpage or build it from the source
  2. Install it. Just follow the instructions (very straightforward) 
  3. Open the ArduinoVCXProjUpdater.exe.config with a text editor. Make sure that the property "ArduinoLibrairyPath" match your arduino installation. Make sure also that the LibrairyList is correctly specified. 
  4. Update the settings of VC++ to take care of PDE file... (See step 2)
  5. Setup the Arduino IDE to use an external editor....(See step 4)



How to use it ? :

  See Usage







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